February 12, 2005


How nice to have a Saturday -- a Saturday without a stack of admission files on the table. The files claim your attention whether you are reading them or not. To be fair and properly attentive, you can't read too many in a row, so much of the time you are simply feeling that you ought to be reading them. Today, the table is clear. I have no plans to make any progress through any tasks more challenging than reading the newspaper. (The blinds are even up!) It's a perfect day to back Silvio down the driveway and head out onto the Wisconsin backroads. What's out there? Snowy hills and rolling farmland and maybe a charming little town or two. I think I'll drive north today. I hope to have a few photographs. Today, as I look forward to seeing the very orange photographs from The Gates in NYC, I'm going to go collect some images that will be very white and gray. And blue!

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