February 13, 2005

Priceless, ultra-expensive extreme heat.

Is this product just a little too weird and scary?
Priceless, ultra-expensive Tourmaline jewels are infused into the plate and the heater ... Iron heats in seconds! Adjustable temperature heat control, 410° maximum. ... Steaming sound from the iron while in use is simply water hitting extreme heat...

I know they are trying to say it's quite something, but it seems awfully extreme for something to clamp onto your hair.

Nevertheless, I'm buying it!

And consider this:
Sensual Rice Steam Perfumed Ice Cubes For The Body

Made of plant water and extracted from the heart of the rice plant without using chemicals, it's rich in essential oils, trace elements, and mineral salts. Ice cubes become a creamy, milky fluid and release the perfume built on the fragrance of rice steam. Try this sensual treat.

The things they make for women are just very, very strange!

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