February 12, 2005

Passing through Lodi.

I drive straight north to Lodi, Wisconsin, which I don't think is the Lodi that Creedence Clearwater Revival was stuck in. There's a Lodi in New Jersey, too, and I've always assumed that's the one that Creedence meant to just pass through. [ADDED: Read through to the update before emailing me!] I didn't ride in on the Greyhound, I drove my new Audi TT Coupe. Here's Main Street with Silvio:

I admired the roof lines of the buildings that were built in the late 1800s:

I stopped to photograph the Palmer Tree, which the plaque on the rock said was a Burr Oak, that dated back to 1848, when the town was settled:

There were some more recent signs, but these seemed not to be from the present but from the 1970s.

In the middle of Main Street there is a break in the storefronts where the sidewalk crosses over a brook:

An archway proclaims it "Home of Susie," and a sign explains that in 1948 Susie the duck endeared herself to the Lodi townsfolk when she laid her eggs in a masonry flower basket, to which she returned each year. The duck received "national media attention," perhaps the most attention ever paid to Lodi.

Back to the car, parked in front of Galaxy Pizza:

Driving home I stop at Lodi Marsh, at a segment of Wisconsin's "Ice Age Trail." Some views of the marsh:

UPDATE: An amazing number of people have emailed to say that Creedence was talking about Lodi, California. Is "Lodi" like "Springfield" -- a name that comes up as a town name in every state? I happened to drive home through Springfield, Wisconsin today. Googling "Lodi," California comes up first, followed by New Jersey. Third is Italy, which must be the source for the name. Here's a Lodi, Wisconsin website.

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