February 27, 2005


The BBC has a reporter live-blogging behind the scenes at the Oscars. Are you better off blogging the Oscars from inside Hollywood or in front of the TV (as I will be doing tonight)? These bloggers with special access tend to blog too much about their access hassles:
It was elbows out all the way to try to wrestle my way into the Razzies worst film awards, which were held last night at a small theatre near the Oscars venue.

Despite having my name booked there in advance, I was herded outside onto the street along with about 30 others, including journalists from Sky News.

The box office staff apologised profusely, saying there weren't enough seats, and fire regulations prevented them from over-filling the theatre.

Not one to give up easily, I persisted at the door several times and was stunned when I managed to persuade one of the staff to give up her seat, just before the curtain went up.

Her husband looked a bit surprised when I sat in the place he'd saved for his wife, but she explained it was more important that the BBC see the show than her.
There's much more material like that over there! Well, I will not be wasting your time tonight describing my access hassles. There are no obstacles in the way of my armchair.

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