February 9, 2005

The naked Kate Moss painting.

I love the painter Lucien Freud, and I love his painting of Kate Moss that just sold for $7.29 million. BBC reports:
Moss first suggested she pose for Freud in an article in Dazed and Confused magazine.

Lucian Freud, grandson of famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, usually paints people he knows well but his most famous model, aside from Moss, is probably the Queen.

It takes between six months and a year of regular sittings for the artist to complete a painting, but Moss said she was unconcerned by the length of time it would take.

She is pregnant in the picture (which would seem to be a problem if you're posing over such a long period of time). It's nice to see the famous model displayed like a very ordinary, quite flawed, fleshy female.

The buyer of the painting is anonymous, and quite possibly Moss herself.

Anyway, I highly recommend this book of Freud's paintings. Lots of reproductions of the paintings, and the text is by Robert Hughes.

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