February 16, 2005

Local press covers the Althouse blog.

Here's the Capital Times article about my talk yesterday at the Chaos and Complex Systems seminar. With a picture of me! I wrote about the seminar here, blogged from the seminar here, and offered an inside look at Clint Sprott's office here. The Cap Times article quotes Sprott (a UW physics prof) as saying that blogging is "a complex dynamical system, like an ecology might be, or a meteorological system." So, presumably, that means you can apply that Lotka-Volterra equation, right?

UPDATE: My younger son called me up today to ask if I knew there was a picture of me on the front page of the newspaper. I said yeah and, not having seen the paper edition, asked the obvious question: "Above the fold?" Answer: Yes! -- with a caption (not in the on-line version) that, I'm told, is something like "Queen of Blogging." I was going to stop at Borders to buy the paper copy but I thought it might be a little strange to buy a newspaper with such a conspicuous picture of yourself on it. So I asked Chris to buy one for me. But now that I think about it, I should have gone in and bought my own copy and experienced whatever awkward thing might have happened because I could have blogged about it. Ah! What the hell! I can still blog about how I didn't do it.

And Sheila Variations linked to the photos of Prof. Sprott's blackboard, which led to a lot of talk in the comments section about the Lotka-Volterra equation.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Chris brought home the paper, so now I can read that caption I mentioned: it's "Queen of Blogs."

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