February 7, 2005

"Kites on Ice."

Yes, I know. I should have taken some photographs of the "Kites on Ice" festival, a nice annual display on Lake Mendota. But I didn't. I guess I'm not as interested in kites as a lot of people. I've never gone over to see the festival, which has been around for seven years now. How photogenic was it, anyway? I'm not seeing any photographs in the press reports -- other than one guy carrying a Sponge Bob kite. Any bloggers out there with photos?

UPDATE: Here are some "Kites" photos. And these photos clear up what had been a mystery for me: why was I hearing fireworks this weekend? I thought it might be some Super Bowl thing, but, no, it was a kite thing. (You know, I can't write Super Bowl without thinking Superb Owl. I'm really not a football person. I'm more of an eccentric words person.)

ANOTHER UPDATE: It's not really all that related -- it's from a year ago, and it's an ice regatta, not kites on ice, and it's Lake Monona, not Lake Mendota -- but here some cool aerial photography. The patterns of snow and bare ice -- made from the wind, I suppose -- are interesting, seen from this perspective. Well, I just wanted you folks to know that we do find things to with all the ice we've got up here in our northern city full of lakes.

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