February 4, 2005

It's Friday night.

Ooh, I got riled up over that last post. You know, it's one thing when your opponents use boneheaded arguments and distortions, but quite another when people who are trying to support a truly earthshakingly important cause that you care very much about do the same. What is The Nation trying to do? I suspect it of wanting to preserve a hostile, crazed elite readership. Why win on some issue by making the eminently persuasive, powerful arguments that are right there begging to be made? What would we do after that? Why not make bad, divisive arguments that fire up our hardcore readers? Then, we can go on forever!

Well, now, I really must calm down. It's Friday night, the beginning of a lovely February weekend in Wisconsin. Time to mellow out and enjoy life. I can't control what The Nation does. I'm going to watch a little television, read and write, and think about a good route for a nice, long drive in my new sports car. Tomorrow, with camera in hand, I will seek out the twistiest backroads and come home with some nice photographs for you, dear readers. No college guys in gorilla and bunny suits seeking hugs from college girls. Some real Wisconsin photography!

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