February 28, 2005

Free-floating anti-SUV hostility.

The NYT has some letters to the editor today about that op-ed that said the reason Frenchwomen don't get fat is that they smoke a lot. (I blogged about that op-ed here.) This letter caught my eye:
The reason Frenchwomen are slim and American women are fat is simple: American women drive S.U.V.'s, and Frenchwomen walk.
Would you not get fat if your just drove a Prius everywhere?


HummerH8 said...

You miss the point that you cannot drive hybrids *everywhere* whereas you *can* drive a Hummer H8 anywhere you could possibly want, even up the front steps of the White House because nobody could stop you!

Rich said...

thats ineresting because everybody i see driving them seem to have trouble negotiating them, even the h2 wanabees. in my opinion if you want wone of those thins you should have to pass a driving test in one.