February 11, 2005

For February: orangeness.

Well, I didn't go to New York, at least not this weekend, to see The Gates in Central Park. Teaching on Friday and Monday mornings, it would be two days of traveling and -- realistically, for me -- $1500 just for one full day in the city. (Yeah, another night and morning too, but still!) So, I'm checking out the photographs over on Flickr. This one is nice. Tomorrow the fabric will be unfurled, so there should be tons of photography soon. Nina's in NY, with no photographs yet, but she's saying, "This morning, I'm off to explore the emergent path of saffron. It is up and waiting. The sun is brilliant. The stage is set." So she should have some good pictures, with her unique commentary, soon enough.

How exciting for the people in New York! I hope you like orange. Personally, I think orange is just what February needs. Officially, they're calling it "saffron," but people, you know it's orange! No need to deny it, like a J. Crew catalogue. It's orange!

UPDATE: Nina's got pictures now. She notes, here, that the gates -- with the fabric still tightly wound -- work as frames when you photograph the buildings that ring the park.

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