February 6, 2005

Disrespecting Ronald Reagan.

Last night, simulblogging the Screen Actors Guild Awards, I expressed surprise that Ronald Reagan's picture was shown first in the "In Memoriam" segment of the show. This morning, listening to a tribute to Reagan on the occasion of what would have been his 94th birthday, I realize that Reagan was a president of the Screen Actors Guild. So, in fact, what should surprise us is that a separate tribute wasn't done for him.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards show is always full of talk about how important the Screen Actors Guild is, so missing such an obvious opportunity to talk about the Screen Actors Guild says a lot! It has to be considered a deliberate choice to disrespect Ronald Reagan.

The perfect time would have been right after the current Guild president, Melissa Gilbert, gave her little speech, which included expressions of concern for tsunami victims (presumably the reason so many actresses wore black and why someone insisted on tossing that hideous black boa over Gilbert's cleavage-y pink dress) and for American soldiers (who, Gilbert hoped, would find life a bit easier knowing that the Screen Actors Guild Awards were being dedicated to them). Gilbert then smiled and introduced a "special surprise" involving an actor would couldn't be there tonight. What we get is a clip of an actor who happens to be 100 years old. That's where a short film about Reagan as Guild president belonged.

Shame on the Screen Actors Guild!

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