January 24, 2005

Still a little fried.

Sorry I missed all the news and political doings today. I'm still a little fried from the accident. I managed to do the car transaction anyway, with Nina's great help. Presumably, the car will serve me well. I went with a three-year lease, so if I made the wrong choice, it will all be over in three years anyway. (Not sooner, I hope!). There's no looking back, anyway. The old car is gone. What are you going to do? Sit around and whine about how you wish that hadn't happened? It happened. It's just a fact. Ditto the car transaction. Will driving a sportscar instead of a Beetle transform me in some way? Who knows? I'm already a bit transformed from the crash. I'm a bit fried. I'm still living in that burnt atmosphere of an exploding airbag.

Here's Tonya's account of the ordeal, a middle-of-the-night transcription of racing thoughts.

UPDATE: And here's Nina's post on the car-buying trip, including pictures of me in and around the car and signing the papers and some pretty damned amusing observations about my conversation with the salesmen, like my concern about getting NPR on the satellite radio in the middle of the desert. You know, when I think of myself driving, I always picture myself driving through the desert -- maybe down the "Loneliest Road" in Nevada.

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