January 3, 2005

The ideal class size.

Different teachers have different ideas about what the ideal class size is. Obviously, it depends on the level of school you're teaching and the methodology you want to be able to use. For me, the ideal is 40 students. I'm quite close to having exactly that number in the two classes that begin at the end of the month. I always love semester beginnings -- such an optimistic time! -- but a semester beginning with two ideally sized classes is really quite excellent.


Patrick said...

I wonder, what level do you teach? and is it public or private? I don't ask this to be contrary but I'm trying to get a gauge as to if my high school science classes need to be cut in half.... currently I'm trying to do labs with 36 students in a biology class. Last year it was the same in a chemistry class. For an inner city public high school the most I can hope for is no law suit.

Ann Althouse said...

I teach law school.