January 27, 2005


You're just not fidgeting enough. Maybe you're calm and centered. Nothing attractive about fidgeting! And yet, the newest study reveals (supposedly) that this whole skinny and fat thing we've been so worried about is all about fidgeting.
"The bad news ... is that you cannot tell people, 'Why don't you sit less and be a little more fidgety,' because they may do it for a couple of hours but won't sustain it for days and weeks and months and years."

What's more irritating, fidgety skinny people or scientists? Before answering, consider that the scientists in this particular case designed elaborate underwear:
For 10-day periods, the subjects in the study wore suits of special underwear fitted with devices that measured their posture and movements, taking them off for only about 15 minutes a day to shower and get a fresh set from the researchers.

The top was either an undershirt or a sports bra made of Lycra, and the bottom was a risqué-looking pair of shorts with openings at the crotch and backside so that the garment would not have to be lowered during the day, which would have disturbed the sensors.

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