January 26, 2005

Car thoughts.

Where have you been all morning? I actually did post something this morning. It's that update on the last post from last night. But mostly, this morning was consumed by sleeping late, almost until 8, finally getting that full-night's sleep I'd been going without since the accident, and preparing for and teaching my 11 o'clock class in Constitutional Law.

I have not even had time to read the newspaper yet. When I went out this morning to pick it up from the front walk, I looked over at the driveway and stared at the tire marks in the snow that were made by the car that I don't have anymore. I caught myself staring at the snow too long. I am looking at the absence of my car.

Some day soon, a different car will be right there, and whenever I look at it, I will look with amazement. Wow! That's my car! Even now, when I happen to scroll down on my blog, I am struck by the photographs of the showroom car. I'll have one of those.

I remember how wonderful it felt to have the New Beetle, which I got in July 1999. Every time I drove it, for quite a while, it felt very exciting. It seemed there were always people by the side of the road smiling at it. Little kids would tug at their mother's sleeve and point it out. I guess it looked like a cute toy had become a part of the real world. People working in toll booths would exclaim "I love your car" and "The color goes great with your hair." I drove it wearing leather gloves that were the same "cosmic green."After the accident, the vase by the steering wheel was suddenly empty, and, somewhere on the floor, there was big gold silk flower.

UPDATE: "Some day soon" = this Saturday at 10 a.m. Color: silver, with black interior, just like the one in the photographs below. Cool!

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