January 17, 2005

A blogging-like habit and a new blog design.

Years ago, as my sons were growing up, it was my habit, as I sat at the dining table reading the New York Times each morning, to pick out two or three articles and place them facing the seat on the opposite side of the table, in the hope my sons would see them, read them, and maybe want to talk about them a bit. I'm much less likely to do that these days, now that my sons are older, but today, I just had to set this article out. Doing that, I realized how like blogging it was.

Nowadays, I still read the New York Times every morning at my dining table, but my laptop is here, and, as I run across things that strike me, I set them out for everyone on my blog.

I would like my blog to have a beautiful graphic design. There would be a picture, maybe an animation, of me at the top, with the newspaper spread in front of me, and the rest of the screen would be an image of the dining table. When I had a posting, my screen character would tear a rectangle out of the paper and place it out on the table top. The posts would be different sizes of papers laid out, slightly askew, all over the table. You'd be able to see the first few words of the posts, and you could click on the rectangles -- like picking up the newspaper article -- and see a full-screen text of the whole post.

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