January 26, 2005

The Audi TT Coupe.

Today, I heard that my car will be here on Saturday, and that activated my visualization powers. Is there a more beautiful car that can be driven year 'round in the north? Sure, I think a Porsche is beautiful, but quite aside from the expense of the thing, it cannot be driven year 'round in the north! The Porsche salesman volunteered that without prompting. So here I am, about to drive, as a day-to-day ordinary matter, the car I see as the most beautiful car! I can't wait to drive out into the rolling Wisconsin backroads this Saturday. This Sunday! Just to be able to sit in that car and drive -- what an exquisite pleasure! Where will I drive it on spring break? Into the incomparable Southwest! Where will I drive it this summer? Up through Canada to Alaska! A car! A car! A car! A car! Finally, a real car that completely thrills me!

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Ann Althouse said...

16 years later, I still have this car. I've never driven to Canada, certainly not all the way to Alaska, but never even just north of my home state of Wisconsin. It's been around the U.S. quite a lot, but it doesn't have 80,000 miles on it yet.

I have this car because I still love it more than anything I would buy to replace it. I've had a second car since 2009, the year Meade came to live with me. We replaced his car, then replaced the replacement, but we've still got the Audi TT.

It's 12 below zero right now and the Audi TT started up just fine. Still looks like new inside. Has a scratch and a few dents on the outside.