January 26, 2005

The Audi TT Coupe.

Today, I heard that my car will be here on Saturday, and that activated my visualization powers. Is there a more beautiful car that can be driven year 'round in the north? Sure, I think a Porsche is beautiful, but quite aside from the expense of the thing, it cannot be driven year 'round in the north! The Porsche salesman volunteered that without prompting. So here I am, about to drive, as a day-to-day ordinary matter, the car I see as the most beautiful car! I can't wait to drive out into the rolling Wisconsin backroads this Saturday. This Sunday! Just to be able to sit in that car and drive -- what an exquisite pleasure! Where will I drive it on spring break? Into the incomparable Southwest! Where will I drive it this summer? Up through Canada to Alaska! A car! A car! A car! A car! Finally, a real car that completely thrills me!

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