January 28, 2005

"The Apprentice."

I watched the TiVo'd "Apprentice" today, and I have to say it was pretty good. The new season is much livelier than last season. I should have simulblogged, but I didn't, so let me just list the things that were striking enough for me to remember. (For those who didn't watch the show, there are two teams, the college educated and the non-college-educated, and they had to renovate seaside motels, with the winning team determined by the ratings of the motels' guests.)

I couldn't understand why the contestants didn't wear work clothes to the site. The women in their fancy clothes and high heels seemed like hopeless divas as they exclaimed about the shabbiness of the motels.

The non-college grad team somehow decided to assign the one black male contestant the role of shoe shiner!

One contestant so could not put down her purse that she painted motel rooms with that pink suede purse slung over her shoulder.

The winning team's reward was a nice cruise around New York harbor in a big, swank yacht, with a fancy dinner, but the host was Steve Forbes, who spoiled any fun it might otherwise have been by drooling out business platitudes nonstop. Finally, he left from the deck of the yacht in a helicopter, and the team was photographed gazing adoringly as he ascended like Jesus or E.T. returning to his home planet.

The team that didn't go to college suddenly seemed to be made up entirely of annoying people who have no awareness that they need to work as a team and seem to think one can be professional while cursing out every single person you work with. I was hoping Trump would fire the whole team, but he didn't. He just [spoiler alert!] did the usual thing of firing the project manager. Who richly deserved it.

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