December 16, 2004

You've made it!

Congratulations to my son John for finishing the last exam of the first semester of law school... and to everyone else who's just made it to the end of the amazing, intense, once-in-a-lifetime experience that is the first year of law school.

UPDATE: I mean semester, of course. The year is only half over. But in a way, you first year students are already junior-2Ls. The big mystery is over. You've passed through the initiation ritual. Law school is a normal thing now. I don't teach in the first semester. Only once in twenty years of teaching have I done so. So I'm only really familiar with the broken-in students. I teach second semester 1Ls, and I know it's not the same. The dramatic part of law school is that first semester, culminating in the exams you've now finished.

Have a great holiday everyone!

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