December 15, 2004

"Sadly, we've been trained to deny our love."

The NYT tells us to go ahead and deep-fat fry things:
The cooking method people fear most is the one they love most: frying...

Sadly, we've been trained to deny our love, even become ashamed of it, because frying is supposed to be unhealthy. And, the naysayers contend, it's a pain, it's expensive, and it's messy.


If you're going to sauté or stir-fry things, you might just as well deep-fry: no more fat is absorbed in deep-frying. And these recipes look delicious: spicy Indian fried fish, breaded pork steaks, fried onion rings, and sweet potato fritters. I think deep-frying may tend to make you get fat, not because it puts more fat in the food, but because it makes the food taste so damned good!

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