December 18, 2004

A peace vigil.

Today, I went down to State Street to sit in a café and do a bit of exam-grading. Afterwards, I set out to do a little shopping.


Oh, but what is this about? "Hate America Rally"?


The upper layer of signs is a response to an earlier set of signs, promoting a "peace vigil." [ADDED: Yes, I did realize when I originally posted this that the signs came from The URL is readable in the photographs of the signs.]


Hmmm... it seems the peace vigil is going on right now, at the Lisa Link Peace Park, which is just the next block up, Let's get some pictures. What sort of a group has assembed?


A little group in the center is huddled together singing "Oh, President, oh, President" to the tune of "Oh, Christmas tree." I can't make out any other words to the song. There are more signs than people:


The signs are a bit short on clever rhetoric ("No to military stop loss orders/Yes to stopping the loss of our democracy").


This was not a rally, but a vigil, a small group of people set on establishing what the flyers called an "alternative holiday presence."

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