December 10, 2004

More food.

1. There's Carnival of the Recipes.

2. I finally got around to finishing watching Super Size Me, which I never liked very much. I thought the central character was smug and annoying. I'm sure he was massively disappointed that his final blood tests showed an improvement, which he admits before quickly moving on. The movie was a strange mix of interest in science and the complete flouting of science. But forget science: isn't the movie funny? If you begin with hostility to the fast food industry, you probably find lots of laughs. But what if you begin with antagonism to sanctimonious health nannies?

3. Do we live in a "toxic food environment"? And should the government clean it up? Here's a nice article on the subject.

4. More amusing: Nina is blogging from Poland this week, and today's posts include kielbasa. She writes: "Each nation defends its sausage. The Germans stand by their bratwurst, the Italians love their pepperoni, the Poles cling to their kielbasa." The American sausage is the hot dog, but here in Wisconsin, we have our brats.


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