December 16, 2004

Line that made me shout "Liar!"

"I think for me it's really not so much about the money as about the opportunity just to interact with Mr. Trump."

Yes, I'm watching the finale of "The Apprentice."

UPDATE: Beth Mauldin writes that the show was scripted. Yes, it was. And quite badly so. The part with Regis Philbin (ugh!) running around in the audience interviewing people was horrid. You could tell these people were reciting lines. They were wooden. Their syntax was not normal speech. And it was so not entertaining. The choice between Kelly and Jen was just not a matter worth talking about for so long. Jen, you were a little abrasive and people didn't like you -- as Trump would say (and say and say) -- but we were rooting for you at my house.

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