December 22, 2004

Is "Merry Christmas"/"Happy Holidays" the new red/blue?

I see Metafilter is discussing the Lileks response to the James Woolcott response to Lileks, Instapundit, etc. etc., commenting on the way "Happy Holidays" is replacing "Merry Christmas." Now, the whole subject has been talked about so much that it's going to seem like saying "Merry Christmas" is throwing down the gauntlet. Is "Merry Christmas"/"Happy Holidays" the new red/blue? We're declaring political positions now with our choice of seasonal pleasantry?

In a related development, my local Borders bookstore is not playing any Christmas or seasonal music of any kind this week, it seems (based on my afternoon visits on Monday and Tuesday). Is this some sort of declaration of blue state-iness? Personally, I found it a relief not to hear Christmas music (or the related "it's snowing"/"I'm cold" music) while shopping, but I wonder if turning it off is now some sort of staunch political move.

People have worried about the commercialization of Christmas, but now we've got the politicization of Christmas. Must politics leak all over everything?


7292 said...

i disagree with replacement of Merry Christmas - don't take away such a special holiday!
-Christmas trees are now being called holiday trees, We can't even say Merry Christmas. Whats next? They'll take away Santa from the children? This just isn't right.

Patriot009 said...

The first amendment - Freedom of speech!
This is taking it away.
in the mid to late 1700's later
people (besides the pilgrims and others who came much bnefore then)
came to America - People of Great Britian.
Britian taxed the British colonists to pay for the British Empire,this also includes the famous Boston Tea Party. This is when George Washington really came in Picture - and the colonists fought back - they took a stand. Congressmen today are trying to take away their effort for Freedom!
They took a stand. YOU take a stand - voice you opinion

phoebe said...

All I have to say is Christmas is symbolic for Christ's birthday, whether you are non-christian or believe in another religion, this was the symbol that started the holiday. If you take away "Merry Christmas" then for the non believers....what are you celebrating?????? If you don't believe in Christ then don't participate in the celebration of Christ's birth...simple as that. I think people are just using Christmas as an excuse to receive gifts.

dragon-d said...

7292, Pagans have been celebrating Yule and decorating Trees for Yule prior to the birth of Jesus.
Yes Christmas is sybolic of Jesus's birth, Phoebe,BUT, It is not the only holiday Celebrated in December! Don't forget Yule, Chanuka, & Kwanza! By all means say Merry Christmas all you want, Just don't be offended When i exercise the first ammendment by responding Blessed Yule!