December 13, 2004

Cohen's koans.

Should we be writing our own Zen koans? Richard Lawrence Cohen says yes, and offers up his own un-pre-chewed parables, anecdotes, and other short provocative writings in a new blog--a really new blog. Like, today-new.

Full disclosure: RLC is my ex-husband.

UPDATE: An emailer writes:
I am unfamiliar with your circumstances and hazard an opinion that if RLC left to find enlightenment, he didn’t see that it was there all along, sitting at his kitchen table talking to him.

Interesting ideation, but wrong on so many points. We never even had a kitchen table.

Anyway, what's cool about koan-blogging (Cohen-blogging) is that, with the comments turned on, you get to see some answers. And people are pretty damned good at answering!

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