November 3, 2004

Time for good people to show what graceful winning and graceful losing look like.

Those of you who are happy with the outcome of the election, please don't gloat. Those of you who have lost, I know how you feel. I've had preferences in presidential elections since 1960. That is 12 elections, and until Bill Clinton won, I had never supported a winner. This year is only the third election out of twelve, where my candidate has won. If you're a young voter or a new voter and you feel burned, let me tell you, I was over forty years old before a candidate I supported won the presidency. You have to absorb a lot of losses in politics. Life goes on, and there is much more that we Americans share than the politicos of the right and left have wanted us to see for the last year or so. Think good thoughts today.

And, Senator Kerry: please help us out with a fine and memorable concession speech as soon as possible.

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