November 2, 2004

Remember the President who won two wars?

A dialogue from the future (perhaps):
Remember the President who won two wars, who overthrew two of the most repressive dictatorships in the world and then got run out of office for being a miserable failure?

Yeah, that was really weird. How did that happen?

I don't know. Americans were quite restrained about being "the world's only superpower," as the phrase of the time went, and "triumphalism" -- so-called "triumphalism" -- was considered in bad taste. Seems like people overdid that restraint and went way in the other direction. It was considered stylish and funny to mock the President and to gleefully point out every imperfection in the war ...

Oh, yeah. There was that old movie "Fahrenheit 911." That guy Michael Moore.

Supposedly, he was some sort of a hero with the folks who ran the old President out of office.

Hmmmph! Well ... I guess I should read more history, because I really just don't understand the people of the past.

It is a bit of a mystery.

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