November 6, 2004

Photoshopped! And congratulations to the Badgers.

Hey, the Scrawl did a cool Photoshop of one of my peace rally pictures! I feel like I've arrived somewhere or other.

Oh, and let me take the opportunity to refer back to my other photo essay of the day and say congratulations to the Badgers on winning the last home game of the season. I went back to my office in the Law School after that peace rally and worked there for a while. I wanted to leave before it got dark so I could enjoy the walk home on such a beautiful day. But it got dark awfully early, and I ended up staying until five. Walking home on University Avenue, in the late twilight, I passed within a block of the lit-up stadium. I could hear the blurred but loud sound of the public address system, and as I walked by I suddenly could make out what I was hearing. "Shake it up, baby!" It was the great Beatles version of "Twist and Shout." It felt good to walk by at a distance, feeling the vague energy of 80,000 human beings emanating from the stadium and hearing a beloved recording of my youth. When I was younger, things like that used to make me feel sad and alienated from the real life that other people seemed to live squarely inside of. But now that I'm older, I don't feel like that at all. I find the existence of exciting life at a medium distance and not being part of it quite pleasant!

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