November 6, 2004

Or are Bush voters just dumb?

Yeah, they must be dumb! That would explain it. Jeremy's trying that theory. [UPDATE: The post was withdrawn.]

Meanwhile, to continue my trip around the UW profblogs:

Tonya thinks an apple pie might help cure the post-election gloom. Apple pie? Isn't that a bit red state-y? She has some other ideas too, ranging from shopping to blue-state secession.

Nina notes the effects of three sleepless nights, including the fact that she forgot everything she and I talked about over a comfort food dinner (meatloaf and mashed potatoes) at Crave on Thursday night. Great, now I can stop worrying about all the wrong things I said. And, no, I didn't gloat or say anything mean about politics. I'm just embarrassed at a couple gossipy things I said! One in particular. And I hope that doesn't prompt memory recovery by Nina! By the way, aren't you impressed that a bitter Kerry supporter went out to dinner on Thursday with someone who voted for Bush?

"The Columnist Manifesto" is still fuming that Kerry didn't fight a legal battle in Ohio. Looks like somebody needs to go shopping! Or maybe some pie...

Gordon ended up voting for Bush. You may remember that I linked his blog (from my temporary Instapundit perch) on Election Day, letting people know he was undecided and had a comments section, so there's the old blogosphere in action. Right now, Gordon is one of the many lawprofs who are in Washington doing the "meat market" interviews for new appointments. Now that's an experience that might require a lot of pie to recover from.

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