November 1, 2004

On not early voting.

I was just re-reading that last post and thinking about why I never found it the slightest bit appealing to early vote here in Wisconsin. It reminds me of how every year at my house when we have Christmas presents wrapped and sitting there on the floor under the tree, one of my sons inevitably says, "I can't wait until we can open the presents," and I always say, "Well, then, why don't we just open them now?" and, of course, no one wants to, even though I say "Come on, what's to stop us?" It's not the right day!

Voting is a ritual, to be performed on Election Day. It's what you do on Election Day. If there's a line, you wait in a line. If it rains, you go out in the rain. That's just the way it is. Tomorrow, as soon as I'm done teaching my "Religion and the Constitution" class, concentrating on the separation of church and state, I'm going to head right over to the First Congregational Church -- my polling place -- and vote.

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