November 13, 2004

The news from Ann Arbor.

One of my email correspondents sends this, from Ann Arbor:
Since about 8:45AM today morning, a 2 to 3 block area around Ann Arbor City Hall has been closed down, and cordoned off, because, it seems someone had called in a bomb threat. The police have Division, 4th Ave, 5th Ave, Huron, Washington and Liberty Streets closed off for the time being, while they investigate. And it is totally disrupting traffic, especially since today, there is a football game at Michigan Stadium - the season's last game!!!. I walked downtown to check it out, and talked to some folks who were gathered there also watching the happenings. The rumor was that it was a threat called in by a Bush-hater, who was angry about Pres Bush being reelected.
From what I've seen here in Madison, the peace movement folks lack much regard for the way ordinary citizens feel about traffic and football. (Let's hope it is just a lame threat in Ann Arbor.)

UPDATE: The emailer sends this:
As of 12pm, Ann Arbor time, the bomb threat situation has been resolved, and the police has opened up all the streets. While I haven't heard any sort of an official statement, I would assume that it was a hoax, and that they checked everything out and found nothing.
Good to hear. And note that I don't intend for my comment up there to suggest that I think the peace movement folks use bomb threats as a technique. I just think their protest rallies and marches are obtusely insensitive to the driving and football interests of people they (presumably) want to persuade.

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