November 5, 2004

Madison and driving.

The End Zone has lots to say about the drive from Ft. Worth to Madison and about Madison itself, where I read it is a beautiful day, so I glance out my window and see that, in fact, it is. I've got to get out more.
Departed 5:30 AM. Arrived 10:00 PM. Traveled 1030 miles in 990 minutes, breaking mythic "1000 minute" barrier. Woo hoo!

Gear: 2 turkey sandwiches, 2 Peanut Butter and Red Plum Jam sandwiches, carrots, Tootsie Pops(orange), Snickers, Dr. Pepper, water, ice chest, road atlas(w/route highlighted).
That's the way I drive too. Straight through. I've done Boston to Madison in one day and even Madison to Wendover, Nevada in one day. That second one, I must admit, was a lot further than I really meant to go in one day, but I made the egregious geographical error of thinking it was a minor matter to decide to go past Salt Lake City and just stop in the next town.

Anyway, I like End Zone's choice of food. If I prepared ahead of time I probably would just make a pile of all peanut butter sandwiches or, if dieting, a lot of cashew nuts. (I recently drove from Ithaca to Madison in one day entirely on Diet Pepsi and cashews.) But what I usually do in my extra long driving days is stop only when the car needs gas and only consume whatever strikes my fancy in the gas station store. I've driven long distances on caramel corn and Twizzlers and bottled Frappucino and that sort of thing. It's fun! (And crazy.)

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