November 12, 2004

A "long, white, wordless banner" of peace.

Here's a report of a 60-person peace march that took place in Madison yesterday. Maybe someone ought to tell these people than snarling rush-hour traffic for over an hour is not a good way to influence public opinion. The group carried a "200-foot piece of white fabric ... a sculpture by a veteran that symbolized peace." One group member said: "There were some elements of teamwork that were kind of interesting." The drivers whose trip home was blocked were not terribly intrigued by the symbolism of what the Capital Times calls the "long, white, wordless banner." On my way home, I saw the protesters clustered in front of the ROTC building with their banner crisscrossing itself in the space above them. It didn't look like "peace" to me. It looked like someone had TP-ed the trees in front of the ROTC building.

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