November 7, 2004

I was in favor of the link before I was against it.

Well, now both Jeremy and Nina, who have indicated to me several times that they like me to link tho their blogs, have deleted a post after I linked to it. Here Jeremy obsesses interestingly about the deletion of the post about Kerry voters having higher IQs than Bush voters, which I linked to here. Here's my post linking to Nina's blog and noting her subsequent deletion of the post.

UPDATE: Jeremyesque fussing continues here. Now he seems not to want to talk about politics anymore. This reminds me of my early efforts at political blogging, back when I had comments (or perhaps it was email). Someone made a point of advising me to stay away from politics, that it would somehow harm me and ought to be left to others. The notion seems to be that politics is for the hardcore politicos, not for those of us who aren't all that political. I disagreed then and I disagree now!

ANOTHER UPDATE: I note that Nina and Jeremy did not actually delete the entire post, they re-wrote posts in a way that removed the material that I had linked to and discussed in my posts. [And I just re-wrote this post, because it had only referred to Nina, but was, I realized, also true of Jeremy.]

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I think both Nina and Jeremy were motivated by seeing someone (either me or a commenter) make an undesired interpretation or observation based on what they had written. When you blog, you write all sorts of things, very spontaneously, and anyone, with any motivation, might write something about it (or even about you) as a result, and there is always potential for it to be upsetting.

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