November 7, 2004

Getting over the election.

Here's my op-ed piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

UPDATE: I should have noted that the link requires registration. Here's some of what's over there:
Kerry, being a good statesman, conceded quickly, making a speech signaling to his supporters that the fight was over. ... But it may not be so easy for Kerry’s supporters to absorb the loss and let go of the “anger and rancor” as quickly as Kerry’s concession speech made it seem that Kerry himself did. ... There was a lot of feeling that had been stirred up by the campaign and by the war that was so much a part of what we talked about during the campaign. ...

But most people, even if they are not as quick to let go of the fight the way Kerry and his “army of lawyers” did, are likely to calm down soon enough. Perhaps they will even be able to look on the war effort in Iraq with new eyes, now that finding fault with the war is no longer intertwined with the desire to develop arguments that might work to defeat Bush. ... Most people, despite their passions, are practical and reasonable and ought, therefore, to see the need for unity that Kerry spoke of.

Most of us can share the hope that the situation in Iraq will be concluded successfully, and Bush is the person who will need to achieve that success. For that, he deserves our support. ...

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