November 14, 2004

The 51st State.

The post-election talk of blue-state/red-state divisions (and the recent retirement of Jimmy Breslin) got me thinking about the time Norman Mailer ran for mayor of NYC (with Jimmy Breslin as his running mate). It was 1969, and their big issue was that New York City should become the 51st state. They had a cool poster, which I looked for and couldn't find on line. By chance, I ran across this photograph from 1970 showing the very poster. Too bad it's so blurry and not in color, but let there be at least one display of the great old poster on the web. And that's me, at age 19 (looking annoying in that special 1970 way).

Althouse in 1970, age 19

PHOTO CREDIT: Stephen Cohen.


Carter said...

I have a color print of the poster, right over my desk.

reader_iam said...

Seeing that picture again today, I remember exactly why I didn't comment on that post back then. No offense intended, but the reason is that, disturbingly, it instantly makes me think of Susan Atkins.

Yeah, that Susan Atkins.

Sorry. The synapses link as they link. Not much I can do about that.

Unknown said...

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