October 30, 2004

Two pre-election dialogues.

Dialogue #1:
Chris (my son): I hope Kerry wins.

Me: He might not. It's going to be a squeaker.

Chris: I just heard a guy on TV use that word.

Me: Yeah, I've never called anything "a squeaker" before. What's wrong with me? Everyone's calling it "a squeaker" so now I'm saying "squeaker" too.

Dialogue #2:
Me: Hello?

Guy on the phone: Yes, I'm [some name] calling from [some organization] to remind you to vote on Tuesday and to see if you have any questions you would like to ask.

Me: Yeah, I have a question.

Guy on the phone: Yes?

Me: How can I get people to stop calling me on the phone and nagging me about voting? It's getting really annoying.

Line I thought up after I hung up the phone that seemed like it might work: "You know if I get one more phone call, I'm going to vote for Bush."

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