October 30, 2004

Trippi says bloggers couldn't deal with the bin Laden tape.

Annoyingly, the transcript from last night's "Hardball" is not yet available on the website, but I was irked enough by Joe Trippi -- "MSNBC political analyst and our connection to the blogging world" -- that I'm going to type this out:
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Joe, what's the buzz in the blogging world about this emergence of the bin Laden tape?

JOE TRIPPI: Amazingly subdued, Chris. I mean, what's interesting is, both sides of the blogs are basically ... let go of the sarcasm, let go of the big rants, and are only putting up sort of the official statements of Kerry and Bush and sticking with caution to that. They know something's changed, but they don't know what, and they think they may have to wait for some polls to come back. I mean, there's real fear about what's changed here, and they're just keeping to that, pushing the straight story. It's a pretty amazing thing. ... Like I said, they're sticking to official statements of the two campaigns. ...

MATTHEWS: Headline: Blogs Clogged!

Great, Joe, you've really got your finger on the blogging world. We got all scared by the bin Laden tape and couldn't figure out anything to say and it's either rant or pass along party talking points with us folks and we don't know how to rant on anything complicated until we see some polls showing how people are perceiving the new event because we always rant in service of the candidate we're in thrall to. Oh, the world of blogging just came to a crashing halt yesterday. I mean, it was really, like, amazing.

Oh, sorry, I just didn't know how to rant successfully for Bush about the OBL tape so I had to rant against Trippi. That was pretty amazing. Well, time to go check out some polls and official talking points so I'll have something to say today.

UPDATE: Truth Laid Bear has an actual roundup of blog reactions to the OBL tape (along with his own "Batman Effect" comment). Somebody tell Trippi, that MSNBC connection to the blog world.

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