October 17, 2004

See, I told you we're attacked from both the left and the right!

The NYT public editor, Daniel Okrent, repeats his position, stated last week, that the NYT is not biased because it is criticized for bias from both the right and the left. The restatement of the position comes in the guise of opening his column to his critics, as he splits his column into a response from a critic on the left and a critic on the right.

UPDATE: An emailer makes very clear a point that I meant to imply:
On Okrent being attacked from the left and the right, it seems to
me that Todd Gitlin's is not an attack on the bias of the NYT but an
angry screed about them not being even tougher on Bush. He really
offers no evidence that I can see about bias, just a position that they
aren't bashing Bush as much as he would like in the way he would like.
That sounds to me like a plaint that they may be biased, but not enough.

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