October 25, 2004

Madison politics.

I walked up State Street, partly because I needed to get some food and partly because it's sunny and 60 degrees, but also to see what the political climate is here in the center of Madison. The fall colors on Bascom Hill are quite lovely. Look closely to see our beloved Lincoln statue presiding calmly over the scene:

But other Presidents, current and would-be, are on our mind. Shouldn't campus be buzzing with political energy? But, actually, it is not. Nearly the only politics I see are the plentiful chalkings on the sidewalks. There are some pro-Bush chalkings, but most of the chalkings are pro-Kerry (including a few that say: "Kerry '04/Don't be an idiot and vote straight ticket/Vote Green locally"). Here's one of the pithier pro-Kerry ones:

This one tries the same approach, but with less success:

Well, just don't whimper if your man loses.

Down on Library Mall, we see these "Vote" folks:

That's the Memorial Union in the background. From that location, vans run every hour to City Hall, taking students over for some early (and often?) voting. No ID needed! Note the orange-suited man (a local fixture, he plays the piccolo more than a lot of people want to hear piccolo music)

You can buy a "Run for President" game (along with your Badger-themed merchandise):

Here's some political material, in amongst the jumble of kiosk signage:

A lot of the State Street storefronts have "Bucky for President" pictures, colored by children:

Bottom line: the politics of Madison are looking quite mellow today!

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