October 31, 2004

Jesus arrested!

And his credit card was maxed out, so he couldn't pay the bail.

Much as I'd like to just leave you with the link, I'm going to have to copy out some of the story, because it's from the Wisconsin State Journal, which lets its links die after a day or two.
It was the kind of night when Jesus and Superman were arrested for having liquor on the street.

Actually, there were three Supermen, all from out of town, so perhaps they didn't hear that city ordinance bans open intoxicants, even on State Street over Halloween weekend. And Jesus worried aloud to police that his credit card was "maxed out," and thus he would be unable to pay the bail required for out-of-state transgressors before release.

State Street sidewalks were swarming by 8 p.m. Saturday. By 9 p.m., Madison police reported 63 arrests, primarily citations for breaking city laws regarding open intoxicants, spokeswoman Emily Samson said.

Not bad, compared to previous years, when store windows were smashed and some very foolish people thought that stealing is okay when done in a large, funloving group.

Costumes singled out for description in the WSJ:
guys posing as elderly Hooters waitresses, their usually attractive figures sagging below their costumes ...

The white-painted upper torso of Troy Kieler, 29, of Madison, protruded above a column made with square white cushions at top and bottom connected by a tubular sheet. "I am Pluto," he said, staying in character. "My arms broke off years ago. All I've got now is my pedestal."

The prize for best get-up Saturday likely will go to Mike Jolin, 30, and Jesse Emden, 26, of Madison, struggling in 7- foot, 6-inch metal and foam transformer costumes.

Yeah, I know, why didn't I go down to State Street and get some pictures? I just didn't. Sorry.

UPDATE: It sounds to me as though the big crowd behaved reasonably well this year -- okay, a bonfire, a little something-that-required-a-spritz-of-tear-gas -- but Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is saying, "I have had enough. This must come to an end." Party pooper!

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