October 31, 2004

Halloween night chez Althouse.

1. I'm cooking up a large pot of Bolognese sauce to last us for a few days of repetitive but incredibly delicious eating. [UPDATE: I got an email request for the recipe. It's just the one in the wonderful "Classic Italian Cookbook." I've always used red and not white wine, though. I hope Marcella doesn't mind.]

2. I'm catching up with with the Sunday news shows and keeping an eye out for bloggables.

3. I'm answering computerized phone calls, as indicated previously.

4. I'm jumping up whenever the doorbell rings, grabbing my big bowl of Halloween-style Kit-Kat bars (i.e., orange-colored, white chocolate Kit-Kats), and answering the door. The last group was an adorable trio of animal-suited tiny kids: Tigger, a hyena, and a ladybug.

UPDATE: Two boys, maybe 9 years old, show up, one in a monster suit, another in just a nice pin-striped suit.
So what are you? A man ... but any particular type of man?

I'm an insurance salesman!

Ooh! That is scary!

Here's my card.

The card says:
Trust Me Insurance Services

I.M. Scheister

Pay me now and you'll never see me again.

Next were two girls, also maybe 9. One was Elvis. The other was dressed in a school uniform and had nicely done stage makeup creating the illusion of scissors and a pencil stabbed into her head:
You're Elvis.


And you, you're a character from some horror movie I haven't seen?


You're a schoolgirl ...

Yes ...

You're a schoolgirl who hates school!


ANOTHER UPDATE: A young girl dresses as Leah LaBelle. A group of young boys all follow a sports theme (referee, Cubs fan) but one of them violates the theme and is a burglar. I question the referee guy about the theme of the group and he tells me the burglar guy "just sneaked in." Good save!

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Chris takes the next doorbell ring (after pausing last night's TiVo'd SNL with Kate Winslet).
Anything good?

Eh ... one was George Bush.

AND YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Five high school kids: two Greek philosophers, two hippies, and one pimp! I asked the pimp what he was doing hanging around with philosophers and hippies. Pimp had no good answer.

AND AGAIN, A HALLOWEEN UPDATE: Two girls, maybe 14, one is the old classic, a cat. The other:
You're ... you're 80s Girl!


With leg warmers!


Leg warmers rule!

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