October 24, 2004

Enough about the election! What about art?

Two new movies are currently listed on Rotten Tomatoes with 100% positive reviews: "Ray" and "Sideways." There are only 6 reviews for "Ray," but lots of Oscar talk for Jamie Foxx. "Sideways," though has 42 reviews. Truly amazing. And Oscar buzz for Paul Giamatti! When's the last time they gave a Best Actor/Actress Oscar to someone with no sex appeal whatsoever? (Sorry Paul, but isn't having no sex appeal kind of your speciality?)

Yeah, I finally get around to thinking about something other than the election and I'm still thinking in terms of competition. Yikes! I need to readjust my mind, which I will do very soon, because I'm going to the opera in two hours. But perhaps I'll obsessively relate the plot of "Turandot" to the election. I've been known to do such things.

UPDATE: I can't believe I mistyped "Turandot" both here (now corrected) and on Monday's post (also corrected). Thanks to the emailer that pointed it out. And really, I do know the name of the opera, my fingers just go for preexisting patterns when I type. I mistype my own last name about 20% of the time, for some crazy reason. And I mistype "jurisdiction," one of the main subjects I teach, about 40% of the time. Sigh.

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