October 18, 2004

Disrespecting the W.

The Badger Herald (one of the student papers here at UW-Madison) reports on Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising Tour," which hit the Union Terrace on Saturday night:
Wearing a red Badger hat, with the “W” in back to prevent sending mixed signals, Moore urged students to represent what he sees as the majority viewpoint in the country — liberalism.
I speculated the other day that the nonvoters he was trying to reach would probably be out celebrating the big football victory but 4,000 persons attended.

Some Bush-supporting students did show up, however. Moore reached out to them with "a profane tirade against the Bush sympathizers, blaming them for sending 'poor kids from Milwaukee' to fight in Iraq, ... [and calling them] 'pathetic assholes,' among other expletives."

UPDATE: The article in the other student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, is much nicer to Moore.

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