October 30, 2004

Camille talks!

Camille Paglia -- in a Salon interview -- declares her support for Kerry ... and also says any number of mean things about him. I liked this one:
Kerry's weakness as a personality became clear when he wasn't able to dislodge [Democratic National Committee chairman Terry] McAuliffe from the DNC. He wanted to get rid of McAuliffe -- that servile water boy of the Clintons -- and he choked. Kerry didn't have the balls to get rid of him. Every time that yapping buffoon McAuliffe is on the air, the Democrats lose the votes of the undecided.

So let's see ... we're going to trust him to get rid of the terrorists, but he doesn't "have the balls" to get rid of McAulliffe ...

The interview concentrates on the presentation of the candidates in the media. For example:
It's as if we have no eloquent speechwriters any longer. The Democratic Party has become a p.c. wallow over the past 20 years -- a sinkhole of unctuous, bleeding-heart liberalism and emotional manipulation, always using seniors or "disenfranchised" African-Americans as convenient straw men. We're supposed to be in a constant state of empathy, on high alert to a cosmos of injustice. And always there are the aggrieved -- and those nasty people in high places who are doing awful things to them! It's become a tedious soap opera removed from reality.

No one puts things as well as good old Camille Paglia. It's great when she checks back in with us.

Interesting revelation: she adores Sean Hannity!
Liberal pundits underestimate Hannity because they see him on his Fox TV show, and he's just not that good on TV. But he's a dynamo on the radio. Even though I don't agree with his politics, I find him riveting. He's funny, he's ebullient, he has endless energy, and when he gets going on a tirade, he has the rhythmic passion of generations of Irish-Catholic priests!

There's great material here about the Mary Cheney Incident too. Paglia does not approve:
And as a lesbian, I strongly object to the Democrats' amoral use of sexual orientation as a wedge issue. The Democrats are supposed to be pro-gay, and yet they're using an assertion of gayness to unsettle the Evangelical followers of the Republicans. They're deliberately fomenting and reinforcing hostility to gays! What the hell's the matter with the Democratic consultants? I'd like to kick their asses up and down the Eastern seaboard for this Mickey Mouse episode.

Well, I've read the whole interview, which Salon titles "Camille for Kerry!" and there's precious little here about why she's for Kerry.

UPDATE: To be fair, the first page sums up her pro-Kerry case. I skimmed past that to get to the hotter material that begins on the second page of the six-page interview.

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