October 24, 2004

The big guestblogging gig.

Yes, it's true! I'm going to be guestblogging--along with Megan McArdle and Michael J. Totten--over at Instapundit for the next few days. I'm told I can go over there right now and post, which seems pretty amazing. I'll have to think up something to say! I suppose if I already feel comfortable speaking off the top of my head to a few thousand people a day, I should feel comfortable speaking to a couple hundred thousand people a day. What's the difference, really, in the grand scheme of things?

UPDATE: But stop by here too. I'll post the things here that seem not to belong there, and won't it be interesting to see what I think doesn't belong there? I feel so free over here all of a sudden. I used to have a second blog that I used for the things I felt didn't go so well here, so I'm used to having a two-track attitude about blogging. (That other blog--which you can see here--was largely an experiment with the software iBlog, but I used it to post very casual stuff. Now that the software expired, I can't do anything with that blog, but the funny thing is, I still get email about the post "The Mystery of the Saucer," which upsets some people.)

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