October 17, 2004

A big game and a big windbag.

Here's the local newspaper's coverage of the big game last night, when the Badgers beat the Boilermakers. But not all Madisonians were home watching the game on TV and out celebrating afterwards. Michael Moore came to town for an 8 pm show aimed at getting out the vote--the "Slacker Uprising Tour." Great timing, Michael. I could be wrong, but I think anyone who would go to a Michael Moore show at 8 pm on the night of the big game would probably already be planning to vote. And--I'm sorry but I haven't been paying much attention to Michael Moore's logic--but what's the connection between being a slacker and wanting to vote for Kerry? Is it just that slackers don't vote, and we'd really like more people to vote? I don't believe that. I think you've got to be thinking that if only these nonvoters would vote, they'd vote for Kerry. But why, really?

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