September 1, 2004

WiFi city.

I see (via Drudge) that Philadelphia is considering making the whole city a WiFi zone. What an effective use of tax money. The cost is low ($10 million), it provides a great benefit to citizens (WiFi phones are part of the plan), and it is excellent PR for the city (Philadelphia seems hip and cool!). As my local politicians push for a $53 million twelve-mile rail line (an "exciting new technology" that will have "rails embedded into the street pavement so that train cars would use the same paths as cars"), I'm really jealous of people in cities that are thinking a lot more clearly about what people would actually enjoy having.

UPDATE: Madison (and Dane county) residents ought to take a look at the Houston experience with light rail: there have been a surprising number of collisions with cars.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader asks whether Madison's mayor is reading my blog.

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