September 23, 2004

Take me back to Madison.

By popular request, here's a look back into Madison, especially for all you readers who come here for a window into your past.

What does our beloved hill look like today, in late September? Are the kids lying on the ground amid "Free Tibet" signs? Yes, they are:

Are people debating about politics down on the mall? Yes, they are:

Can I still buy food for an al fresco lunch? Yes, more than ever:

Hey, is that Loose Juice? Is Loose Juice still there after all these years? Yes, it is:

Is that poster store still there? Yeah, come on in:

How about that eyeglasses store with the doll displays in the window? Sure, look:

Hey, give me a closeup on that Bucky thing! Okay:

How about the original State Street coffeehouse, Steep & Brew? It's here and has a nice sidewalk café now (and that's Gino's right next to it):

Do they still have Pipefitter? Yes, here it is:

And here are two closeups:

Maybe this obscure State Street doorstep reminds you of another aspect of your sojourn through Madison:

Well, just stop into Sunshine Daydream and buy some souvenirs of your psychedelic past:


freundtampa said...

Thank you for update. I assume that the Nitty Gritty is still going strong but that Dewey's and the Pad are long gone.

dddDean said...

huh then you must remember Bob & Gene's and the 602 Club and the Green Lantern Eating Co-op and Film Society (my old haunts) Dewey's and the Pad, also long gone though I think I checked out the Pad once or twice, aha then there used to be Snoopy's (didn't Hendrix play there once?)...

Nickname unavailable said...

I was a Green Lantern member from '69 to about '74. Love to hear from any old members. 602 Club, Bob & Genes, Nitty Gritty were some places I frequented.

Drop me a line at

badger said...

when did GL move from Groves Woman Coop to University Ave?

I enjoyed Glenn & Ann's.

Tracy Nelson moved on from the Pad to the Bay area most recently which is not at all recent

badger said...

I thought the Nitty Gritty ruined what was Glenn and Ann’s. “Also rans” were Lorenzos and the Plaza Tavern. Unfortunately the people aren’t there any more…they aren’t anywhere. There was one still alive and running her French bakery on State street STILL, but she is now an old lady. What a bummer.

There was one biochem grad student at GL who has a following of undergrad worshippers . He was vain . He expatriated to Moscow… good riddance.

PS One of the bombers was never caught but is probably dead.

badger said...

Don Eisenberg left town.

And Eddie Ben Elson was picked up by the comet Kohoutek.

Who has taken their place?

Where is Kevin James Barrett ?