September 13, 2004

The "Six Feet Under" Finale.

Virginia Heffernan offers her theory of the big finale episode: "the urgent question at the heart of many 'Six Feet Under' relationships" is "Are you insane, or am I?" and the question was answered, nearly always, that the insane one was not the Fisher family member. I note that the original tag line for the Television Without Pity forum about the Fishers was "Nate, David, Claire, and their mother. Not a sane one in the bunch." But now, apparently, per Heffernan, they only looked crazy because absolutely everyone anywhere near them is so damn crazy. In real life, if you find yourself thinking, "Why am I the only sane one around here? Is everyone but me crazy?"--you're crazy.

But, really, what did you think of the finale? Anything seem a little ... abrupt?

UPDATE, August 21, 2005: To bad so many people are Googling here looking for discussion of the 2005 finale. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it yet. I should be blogging about it later in the week. Meanwhile, try Television Without Pity

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